• Vittoria Barzo TNT G+ maastorengas

Vittoria Barzo TNT G+ maastorengas

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Hinta: 65,00
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Vittoria Barzo TNT maastorengas

Erinomainen rengas vaikeaankin maastoon ja mutakeleille.
  • Leveys 55 mm
  • Paino 720 g (55-622)
“Some tires have a lot of traction, and some tires have a lot of speed, but it’s rare that you can find a tire like the Barzo that somehow manages to have both.  No matter the terrain these tires bite in and find traction, allowing me to confidently corner all-out every time.  In loamy soil they are literally like velcro in the corners, with so much traction it actually takes some getting used to.” – Justin Lindine (Apex/Hyperthreads)
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